Julia Beverly and Defamation Suit Threats

I guess someone wasn’t happy about my post the other day (see Julia Beverly and the Art of Scamming Rappers). Click on the image below to see the letter that I found in my inbox or check below for the text transcribed.

As you can see, the post isn’t going anywhere, which should indicate how serious I take these threats. Stay tuned. This might get interesting.


Dear Mr.Pflaum:

Our company represents Ms. Julia Beverly of Ozone Magazine, Inc. We are writing regarding your November 9, 2009 blog post on www.xplosiveworld.com under the subject title “Julia Beverly and the Art of Scamming Rappers.”

As you should be aware, the statements about Ms.Beverly contained in your blog are both defamatory and false and are causing harm to Ms.Beverly’s business reputation. Moreover, you are improperly using Ms.Beverly’s name and image as depicted in a photograph on your blog site without any consent or proper authorization.

In view of the above, we are respectfully demanding that you cease-and-desist from any further use of Ms.Beverly’s name and/or image on any blog post owned or operated by you. Additionally, we are requesting that you immediately retract the statements of your November 9, 2009 blog and any other materials or references that may pertain to Ms.Beverly or Ozone Magazine.

If you do not promptly comply with our demands, we will explore any and all legal remedies that are available to Ms.Beverly, including the potential filing a defamation law suit to stop your improper actions and defamatory statements against Ms.Beverly.

We would expect to hear back from you or your legal representative by November 16, 2009 to confirm your compliance with our demands.

All right and remedies are expressly reserved.

Very truly yours,


Robert G. Lopez

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  1. That isn't worth a thing unless it's sent by snail mail, and certified at that. No lawyer worth their salt would send it via email. If they are serious, they will contact your provider, get your address, and send it to you via snail mail. I used to work for lawyers, and electronic correspondence is not binding.

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