Max B Needs to Fire His Lawyer

This video popped up all over the hip-hop blogs this morning featuring Max B and his attorney, Gerald M. Saluti, discussing Max B’s pending murder trial. Yes, you read that correctly, this is a Youtube video of a lawyer discussing his client’s murder trial.

While I understand it is common for an attorney to speak on their client’s behalf regarding legal matters, this is generally done when the lawyer is actually asked a question that he feels warrants a response, and even in those cases you want to be as brief as possible in answering these questions.

In this case no one is asking questions. If anything, Mr.Saluti is responding to internet gossip, probably something illseed wrote on the Allhiphop rumors page. Furthermore, he goes on for over six minutes addressing these issues.

If there’s a rationale explanation about how this helps the case- I would love to hear it, otherwise I think Max B should start shopping his I’m about to go to jail reality series asap.

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5 Responses to Max B Needs to Fire His Lawyer

  1. Okay, so he fired Saluti. Too little, too Late! Your post is convincing. Just curious where your quotes came from for the twitter posts Saluti allegedly made. Do you have dates and times for those posts? I'd like to get the evidence for MaxB's upcoming IAC issues.

  2. Unfortunately, Saluti has deleted his Twitter account, so this information is inaccessible at this point. The Max B Needs to Fire his Lawyer posts were both made within a 24 hour time frame of this information surfacing to the public.